January 30th, 2018

By January 30, 2019announcements
  • Tomorrow at lunch is the perfect attendance luncheon. Those who have been invited should have received a letter in the mail. If you had perfect attendance in term 2 and you didn’t receive a letter, come to attendance office and talk to Mrs. MacFarlane
  • Scottys’s dance coming up in Feb. 23rd boys choice, more info coming soon
  • Tomorrow is the knight show at 7, the silent auction is at 6
  • Sign up for the February on-line Driver’s Ed. course. To do so, go to the Lone Peak home page, click on “Resources,” then the Driver’s Ed. tab.
  • Attention all members of TSA and SKILLUSA if you are planning on attending the silicon slopes summit tomorrow you must come to D-Top’s room during lunch to register for the conference, this is mandatory.