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Helen Macfarlane – Attendance Secretary * 801-610-8811 * [email protected]  |  Office Hours:  Mon – Fri 7:15 am – 3:00 pm

To check your student IN or OUT during the school day, please call the attendance office directly — 801-610-8811

Please make sure to CHECK IN your student if they are late for school or returning from an appointment.

Parents can now request their student’s absences be excused in Skyward.

Please PROTECT your parent Skyward login information. 

The information found in Skyward may be used as legal documentation and should not be accessed or altered by students.

 Excusing Absences

Excuse within TWO weeks

  • Make a request on Skyward (see instruction links above)
  • Send an email to [email protected]
  • Call 801-610-8811
  • Seminary Absences are excused through the seminary at 801.763.4554.


  • Make a request on Skyward
  • Have your student communicate with teachers about upcoming absences
  • Try to make appointments and travel plans align with the school vacations when possible


  • First fifteen minutes of class is a Tardy. Anytime after that is a Very Tardy.
  • Tardies cannot be excused

Checking Out a Student

  • Check out can be done by phone, note, or in person (not by email or skyward request)
  • If a student returns after checking out, have them check back in at the attendance office.
  • Only those named in Skyward as a parent/guardian or emergency contact may check out a student.

Absenteeism Definitions

Chronic Absenteeism

  • Defined as missing 10% (2 days/month) or more, excused or unexcused absences.
  • When grades are impacted by absenteeism, a contract will be created (see the link for the LPHS policy above for more information).


  • Defined as deliberately absent from class without knowledge and consent or parents.
  • Possibility of making up work and/or missed learning is left up to the teacher.
  • Cannot be excused.